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Foreman Law PLLC brings considerable experience, cutting-edge insight, pragmatism and creativity to each client matter, as well as a keen sensitivity to the client’s objectives, concerns and resources.  Michael Foreman’s experience in financial restructuring and corporate bankruptcy is considerable, but he has played a lead or significant role in countless transactions – mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and re-negotiation of major contracts.  He has earned his corporate governance stripes through extensive experience in C-suite and boardroom deliberations, and his deal-making abilities have been battle-tested across many a negotiation table.  He has represented clients in bankruptcy court wearing 2 hats: as a corporate transactional lawyer with keen litigation skills, and as a business litigator skilled in drafting the very types of agreements that he confronts in dispute resolution.

Michael Foreman’s client roster has covered a wide range of regional, national, international and foreign companies, conglomerates and multi-industry companies, public and private companies and all types of funds.  Foreman Law PLLC is adept at representing clients with assets or liabilities exceeding $1 billion, but is equally skilled in representing the smaller local and regional companies, institutions and funds. Michael Foreman has represented many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, entrepreneurs and start-up ventures, and individuals.  His approach to all matters is inter-disciplinary, because, as his representative matters will attest, he has a body of work which has touched upon all sides of the negotiating table and the court room.  Michael invites you to review the entire record of his vast experience.