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Foreman Law PLLC features a multi-dimensional approach to its general corporate law practice, combining transactional, litigation and restructuring skills and experience to provide highly effective corporate law services.  Michael Foreman has represented business clients in a wide range of transactions and corporate governance matters, advising parties on all sides of table — sellers and buyers, parties to significant contracts and leases (including development contracts and equipment leases), lenders at all levels of the capital structure, investors, management groups, C-suite officers and boards of directors, special committees and controlling, minority and preferred equity holder groups, as well as bidders participating in different types of sale auctions and partners in joint ventures.

Clients have included both lenders and borrowers in secured, multi-tranche, unitranche, junior capital, mezzanine and unsecured loans, as well as high yield debt and leveraged and other acquisition financing.  Companies, as well as private equity, hedge and distressed debt funds, have retained Michael Foreman to provide counsel in connection with significant business decisions, to assist directors and officers in their fulfilling oversight and monitoring functions, to execute decisions regarding officer and other senior employee terminations, and to initiate and enforce ethics and legal compliance programs and other operational protocols.

Michael Foreman has seen the best negotiated transactions and most thought-out corporate actions give rise to complex issues arising from potential or actual disputes or land mines in times of business distress.  His experience with private equity, mergers and acquisitions and financing, in both healthy and distressed markets, and access to the latest market trends gives clients a strategic advantage in a competitive and complex environment.

Clients typically engage Foreman Law PLLC at the initial stages of a possible transaction to prepare and negotiate term sheets, the submission of bids, due diligence or exploratory work in anticipation of possible board or special committee action.  During the entire course of a transaction, through board action, implementation, closing and exit, Foreman Law PLLC approaches matters focused on formulating effective, practical structures and processes to further client objectives and achieve optimal outcomes.  Michael Foreman is an effective negotiator, as well as an able draftsman skilled in transforming complex agreements and arrangements into business-friendly contract terms and provisions.  In his transactional work, he is guided by the principal that agreements must be user-friendly, for the people who will work with them after closing may not be the same people who negotiated them.

In addition, CEOs, CFOs, general counsels, boards of directors and special committees have regularly called on Michael Foreman to provide day-to-day and transaction specific counsel on how to best fulfill their duties, obligations and responsibilities to their companies and stakeholders, assisting clients in formulating governance structures and processes that comply with ever changing federal, state, regulatory and industry — standard disclosure and filing requirements.  Michael Foreman has worked closely with senior management and special committees on proposals to be considered by board or regulatory approval.

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