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Foreman Law PLLC features a full-service corporate restructuring and bankruptcy practice with considerable experience representing multiple sides of a restructuring:

  • Debtors;
  • Borrowers;
  • Issuers;
  • Senior, second lien, mezzanine, unsecured , debtor-in-possession (DIP) and exit lenders;
  • Lending groups and clubs, and their agents;
  • Bond and note holders;
  • Indenture trustees; investors and equity holders;
  • Boards of directors and special board committees;
  • C-suite officers and management groups, including chief restructuring officers (CROs), other major creditors, including cash management and letter of credit banks, contract parties, suppliers, equipment lessors, landlords and other critical creditors;
  • Acquirers of distressed businesses and assets (both in Section 363(b) sales and out-of-court transactions);
  • Acquirers of distressed debt at all levels of a company’s capital structure, including LSTA transactions and the sale and trading of bankruptcy claims;
  • Court-appointed parties in interest, including trustees, examiners, receivers and liquidators and administrators appointed in foreign insolvency proceedings.

Michael Foreman has represented these and other stakeholders in out-of-court workouts, bankruptcy reorganizations, liquidations, asset sales, involuntary cases, pre-packaged and pre-arranged bankruptcies, contested matters and adversary proceedings in cases under Chapters 7, 11 or 15 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

With this considerable experience, Michael Foreman focuses on developing creative, innovative strategies that enable clients to factor into their business calculus likely positions, approaches, objectives and reactions of the other stakeholders.  Similarly, the list of bankruptcy matters and issues he has seen, negotiated, litigated, analyzed, written and spoken about is quite extensive, covering virtually all types of contested matters, adversary proceedings, reorganizations, liquidations and sales.

Michael Foreman has issued or negotiated virtually all types of bankruptcy and insolvency-related transactional issues, including the most-frequently requested transactional legal opinions regarding bankruptcy law.  He has been the lead negotiator in complex bankruptcy sales and reorganizations.  He has designed, negotiated and contested bankruptcy sales and auctions, both under Bankruptcy Code Section 363 and via plan confirmation.  Michael Foreman also has been the lead litigator in all types of bankruptcy court litigation, at all stages of the out-of-court and in-court processes.

Where a case under the Bankruptcy Code or foreign insolvency law has not been commenced, Foreman Law PLLC helps the client determine how its objectives can be achieved in and out of court.  The issues to be considered are considerable and complex, demanding a seasoned lawyer with Michael Foreman’s vast experience.  Where the matter arises in the context of an ongoing bankruptcy case, he has the bankruptcy negotiation and litigation skill sets needed to navigate through a decidedly different legal landscape.  “Every restructuring and bankruptcy matter involves a complex synthesis of legal theory and prior case law, a vast array of business, financial, economic, operational and inter-personal issue, and myriad negotiation and litigation strategies and procedures.”

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