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Foreman Law PLLC’s diverse practice is local, national and international in scope, focusing on four practice areas:

Within these areas of expertise, Michael Foreman has represented clients with varied interests – debtors and creditors, lenders and borrowers, owners, investors, acquirers, contract parties.  He has represented companies and all levels in the capital and equity structure – lenders, non-lender creditors, equity holders, key employees, agents and special servicers, intellectual property licensees and licensors – across a wide spectrum of industries, including real estate (ownership, development and financing), financial and related services, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, publishing, apparel, hospitality, transportation, automotive, entertainment, education and healthcare.

Having worked on a wide range of matters for regional, national, international and foreign companies, conglomerates and multi-industry companies, public and private companies and all types of funds, Michael Foreman has represented clients with assets or liabilities exceeding $1 billion, as well as smaller local and regional companies, institutions and funds. He has represented many Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, but also numerous smaller companies, start-up ventures, and entrepreneurs

Accordingly, clients benefit from Michael Foreman’s experience on many sides of a complex transaction or dispute.  His expertise is interdisciplinary, covering a wide range of issues arising in a corporate distressed situation, including mergers and acquisitions, finance, corporate governance and litigation.  “Historically, I have worked closely with securities, anti-trust, tax, labor, health-care, environmental, ERISA and employee benefits attorneys in distressed situations.  I can use my skills in conjunction with a client’s usual lawyers in the other critical areas to provide effective, insightful, impactful representation.”

Ultimately, Foreman Law PLLC is the vehicle through which Michael Foreman’s skills and experience in these practice areas can be leveraged — effectively, timely, reasonably, economically, efficiently and responsibly — to provide the highest quality of legal service.  And that translates into bottom-line value to clients.